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Thanks-GIVING Basket Program As Important As Ever

The Thanksgiving holiday is often an exciting time for people from all walks of life to come together to share a meal and reflect on what they are grateful for. This season of giving also offers Capitol Hill Group Ministry (CHGM) and similar organizations the opportunity to do something special for the many families they serve all year.

Beginning in late September, Capitol Hill Group Ministry proudly collects donations from local congregations, businesses, and residents to support our Annual Thanks-Giving Food Basket program.  For years, generous support for the program has been able to help under-resourced families in the greater Capitol Hill community enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Pearl Torres, a local Capitol Hill grandmother, is a previous recipient of a Thanks-Giving basket. “It brings my family closer together because we are able to sit down and enjoy a good meal together.” Mrs. Torres is currently on this year’s waiting list. “If we didn’t have the Thanks-GIVING Basket Program we would still just thank God for what we do have. But nobody should be without food in DC for the holidays. We are so lucky to live somewhere where organizations and churches and the government are able to provide us with support during our time of need.”

Just this year, CHGM has received over 473 individual family requests for baskets. This unfortunate increase is an indication of the difficulties many are still experiencing as a result of the unsteady financial times. Families contacting CHGM, who already have limited expendable income, are finding that cuts to their food stamps benefits (SNAP) and difficulty in finding work has made it more difficult to provide a special holiday meal for their loved ones.

Fortunately, CHGM has been able to provide individuals, like Mrs. Torres, and their families with assistance when they need it the most year after year. “You know this program has been important to my family for many years. I have been unemployed for the last 3 months and am so appreciative of everything CHGM and the donors are able to do for my family,” Mrs. Torres said.

Due directly to the generosity, support, and compassion of last year’s donors, CHGM’s 2012 Thanks-GIVING Food Basket Program was successful in serving a Thanksgiving Day Feast to more than 1,480 members of our Capitol Hill community. CHGM hopes to surpass that number in 2013, because every family deserves to share a wonderful Thanksgiving meal together.

If you are interested in making a donation to this year’s Thanks-GIVING Food Basket Program please email Shelah Wilcox (wilcox@chgm.net) or register online by CLICKING HERE.