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CHGM Community Night Highlights Youth Homelessness

unnamed (1)CHGM‘s May Community Night focused on how youth in our area are impacted by homelessness. The first part of the evening showcased projects created by the Capitol Hill Day School’s middle school class, who spent this past semester learning about the impact of homelessness in DC through work with CHGM. They used what they learned to emphasize how important it is to acknowledge our homeless neighbors, instead of perpetuating their invisibility.

Sasha Bruce Youthwork presented for the second half of the evening. Sasha Bruce is a DC-based non-profit that works directly with students and youth who are experiencing homelessness, or come from unsafe homes. Their programs help youth create safe communities for themselves.

The evening’s discussion elucidated the particular challenges of homeless youth and demonstrated the importance of ensuring that strategies to end homelessness account for needs of people of all ages, and their diverse backgrounds and experiences.