About CHGM

Celebrating community service since 1967, Capitol Hill Group Ministry (CHGM) is a nonprofit made up of congregations and concerned individuals of all faiths, united to serve the spiritual and social needs of the Capitol Hill Community, Ward 6, and beyond. CHGM serves homeless families and individuals, as well as low-income households from across the District of Columbia.

Our Mission:

CHGM is one of the DC area’s most cutting-edge, effective catalysts for change that helps homeless people and those at-risk of becoming homeless transform their own lives.  CHGM is known for excellence at providing empowering human services, its highly effective organization, and engagement of our community as partners in its work.

Our Vision:

Our vision is of a community in which people are working together – across the boundaries of race, religion and income – to ensure that all of our neighbors have the opportunity to live safely with opportunity and justice.

CHGM is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  We maintain a diverse funding stream comprised of individual donors, congregational support, government contracts, as well as a variety of donated gift-in-kind business services. Our financial information including our audits and 990 reports can be found by visiting our Organizational Information Page.

How do CHGM services impact the community?

 2015 Statistics

Family Homelessness Prevention Program

Housing Programs

Street Outreach

Shirley’s Place Day Hospitality Center

Community Support Projects and Special Events

Know someone in need?
Call 1.800.535.7252.