Social Services Office


Capitol Hill Group Ministry’s Social Services Office provides assistance to homeless families and individuals in crisis, giving them the tools to live safely with opportunity and justice.  Experienced case managers, counselors, and staff assist neighbors with rent, mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, and prescription expenses, and provide and crisis intervention.  We aim to equip our neighbors with solutions that empower and provide hope so that they may lead healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives.

In 2011, the Social Service Office assisted 4,727 households in Ward 6, a 126% increase since 2010.  Clients at our office have had success in obtaining the IDs and vital records required for employment, have prevented eviction, and kept their household utilities running.

Individuals who bring in proper documentation for their requests may receive assistance.  We serve all wards for all services with the exception of rental and utility assistance, which is only for Ward 6.


For more information, please contact Shelah Wilcox at:

“Shirley’s Place”

1338 G Street, SE

Washington, DC 20003